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Muskoka Motor Rally is an annual charity event benefitting emergency medicine at the UHN Foundation and the South Muskoka Hospital Foundation. MMR has raised over $2 million since 2020, thanks to the generous contributions of donors and sponsors. 


Looking forward to 2024, the rally aims to continue its philanthropic momentum by setting a new goal of raising one million dollars, further solidifying its commitment to supporting crucial emergency medical services in Ontario. The 2024 rally holds special significance as it is dedicated to Louis Wachsberg, who embodied the spirit of community and compassion that drives MMR's mission.


Jackie, Daniel, and Andrew Wachsberg have long been immersed in Emergency Medicine at UHN through their father's active role on the UHN Foundation board, particularly in Emergency Medicine. Facing the challenges of COVID-19, they initiated MMR in 2020, dividing responsibilities for its successful launch. Their fundraising efforts surpassed the initial goal of $250K, concluding with over half a million dollars. The team takes pride in MMR's substantial growth, not only in funds raised but also in expanding community reach. Eagerly anticipating the upcoming year, they aim to explore additional avenues for enhancing support to hospitals. The Wachsberg's close connections with doctors and their involvement in the UHN Foundation Board, coupled with Jackie's most recent appointment to the UHN Impact Collective, reflect their commitment to contributing to hospital transformation and advancing healthcare. Filled with excitement, the MMR team looks forward to raising $1 million this year, marking a significant and memorable milestone for their cause.


Daniel Wachsberg


Jackie Wachsberg

Co-Founder & Chair

Andrew Wachsberg

Co-Founder & Event Coordinator


Lauryn Wachsberg

Event Coordinator


Irene Salvani

Senior Event Officer, UHN


Bridget McLellan

Communications Strategy Intern


Deniz Multu

Social Media Intern


Daniel Bartolo

Project Manager

MMR 2022

Muskoka Motor Rally is Proud to Contribute $804,100 to Emergency Medicine in Ontario

The Muskoka Motor Rally is excited to announce a significant contribution of $804,100 to Emergency Medicine in 2022, bringing their total contributions to over $2 million in the past three years. The announcement expresses gratitude to generous donors, sponsors, and participants for their support. Special thanks are extended to event sponsors for their contributions and to in-kind donors who provided items for the silent auction, rally prizes, and gift bags. The milestone reflects the rally's commitment to supporting Emergency Medicine and acknowledges the collective effort of all involved in making this substantial contribution possible.

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